Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Worlds worst assination attempt

On this day in history 1933, president-elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt was giving an impromptu speech from the back of an open car in the Bayfront Park area of Miami, Florida, where Giuseppe Zangara, a mentally unstable bricklayer, was living, working the occasional odd job, and living off his savings. Zangara joined the crowd, armed with a .32-caliber pistol he had bought at a local pawn shop.

Being only five feet tall, he was unable to see over other people, and had to stand on a wobbly folding metal chair, peering over the hat of Lillian Cross to get a clear aim at his target. After the first shot, Cross and others grabbed his arm, and he fired four more shots wildly. He missed the president-elect, but five other people were hit, including Chicago mayor Anton Cermak, who was standing on the running board of the car next to Roosevelt. Anton Cermak died the next day. (This information re-edited from Wikipedia)

Here’s my question; FDR was in a wheelchair and Giuseppe STILL could NOT hit the guy? It’s not like FDR could jump out of the way of the bullets. Reportedly Cermak said, Better me than you Mr. President. Mine would have been, WTF, really, you couldn’t hit the lame, sitting duck.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Internet...In My Office...On My Throne?

There are things that normal people don't think about that bother me greatly on a daily basis. Case in point: Mobile Internet. I could be writing this while sitting on the toilet and none of you would have a clue.

I hear it all the time, in public restrooms, the clacking of phone keyboards while someone is on the toilet. Is this person on Facebook writing a witty post? Sending an email to everyone they know? It scares me to think about it.

Stay off the phone while you are on the throne!

Weekend Warrior News

Keith Olbermann leaves MSNBC in the dust.

Jack LaLanne dies

Packers and Steelers in the Big Game

The first "L" cup bra introduced.

Out of all those stories I'm most interested in the "L" cup bra. I don't like "them" big but the implication of a multi round, machine gun like volley of water balloons appeals to me greatly.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Wild Ride

A Queensland couple had to be rescued after attempting to raft down the Queensland river on sex dolls. The pair, both 19, were found clinging to a tree before they were saved.

The local constable said it was a stupid idea especially with the rising waters.

In related news neither sex doll made it out alive. Their funeral is scheduled for next week Tuesday. In attendance will be Charlie McCarthy, Walter and the Old Navy mannequins.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Need Oxygen

Are you as overweight and out of shape as I am? I get winded just thinking about surfing the web.

More About Honest Man: The Life of R Budd Dwyer

Website: http://www.dwyermovie.com

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1623777

My Review of the DVD:

Most of us watched this documentary for one reason, we saw Dwyer's suicide video and wanted to know what drove this man to do what he did. If I could sum Honest Man up in one word it would be poignant. At no time does the documentary try to sway you in his innocence or his guilt, which is the foundation of a good documentary, to present history without forcing you to believe what the documentarian believes.

I think most of us are going to go into this with the outcome predetermined and we will see it the way we want to see it. I am not an emotional person but watching this documentary there were times that I felt something I'm not used to… sadness.

Borrowed time, we are all on it, and Honest Man really shows us that not just Budd, and what went on in his life, but what could go on in any given day in ours. Many interviews in this documentary will stick with me. The only down side is there is very little of Budd himself talking.

On the DVD there are a few swearing ins and a little bit of his final speech, in the extras, but what we learn of Budd comes from the memories of others and not his own words.

Just to set the record straight the final speech was NOT aired live, it was rebroadcast. Who would care to watch the assumed resignation of a state treasurer live? Yes, kids were off of school that day but they did not see it live!

Honest Man: The Life Of R. Budd Dwyer

Whether you saw or heard about his suicide on TV the day it happened. Whether you saw it on the Internet, death videos or the Filter song Hey Man, Nice Shot. You really need to know more than just that and Honest Man is the DVD to get you started in understanding this great mans life.

Is one head better than two?

On this date in history, King Louis the XVI, a lousy husband, lost his head in 1793. And in 1994 Lorena Bobbitt was acquitted for nearly chopping off the “head” or her lousy husband, John Wayne Bobbitt. So could one head really be better than two?

Aaron's House "In Production Trailer

Busy, Busy, Busy

That is what I have been! In October Paranominal was ranked a top book in Amazon.com sales, outselling 9,700,000 other books... I know crazy, right?

Now I am backing the BLB Media team who are making a movie, which happened to also be one of the entries from my book: Aaron's House in Verde Hills, California.

Right now they are raising funds for the movie, check it out:


I will be updating the blog more frequently now with more information on the movie and Paranominal