Monday, June 24, 2013

Kicking Dead Horses: Indiegogo Project

New project: Corey Campbell's Kicking Dead Horses Summary from Indiegogo site: Kicking Dead Horses is a horror film, however just like the film, we are jaded and disgusted by most horror films today. Most films lack the suspense and imagination that original horror films were known for. Today the genre has been saturated with gore, torture porn and pretty much everything in between. Not to say there is anything wrong with that, but what brought us to see horror films over and over again was fear of the unknown. If you show me the murderer in the first scene and a head being cut off, well you tend to lose me. I want something more than blood. I want the writer and director to screw with my head and make me walk away thinking...what the hell. I want to be scared of the dark again, even if just for a brief moment. That is this film, Kicking Dead Horses. Link to the fundraiser: Please help support the project, we are not a Hollywood budget group, we are broke sticking what we can into a project type people, who do this for the love of shooting films.

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